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Drive organic traffic to your channel by making a few easy changes.

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    Insight to Action

    YouTube isn’t your run-of-the-mill social media platform. It’s a highly sophisticated search engine, just like Google.

    "Everything my business needed for organic traffic was discovered during my audit. My monthly sales doubled once we implemented the strategies uncovered and YouTube started recommending my videos. Extremely happy!"

    John, FTK Channel


    What do you get working with us?

    When you run an audit with us, we instantly focus on what's needed for your channel to increase views and sales

    Get More Views

    Appear on YouTube's search engine when someone searches for your type of content.

    Build Relationships

    Build a continued relationship with YouTube so that YouTube keeps sending traffic (viewers) to your channel.

    Make More Sales

    Make more sales through offers, coupons, sales funnels, up-sells and down-sells.

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    How we help you grow?

    We have a team of experts who are proficient in effective YouTube Video Growth strategies we leverage data to make decisions.

    Complete Channel Analysis

    We do a deep analysis of various points of your channel to examine revenue and growth gaps which can be implemented for your channel strategy. 

    Video        Optimization

    We discover areas to optimize your videos to maximize your chances of appearing on YouTube's search results.

    Sales                Optimization

    We examine areas to optimize your channel/videos for sales conversion to your offers.

    Run My Audit

    Our Audit Package includes

  • Complete Analysis of your Channel

  • Detailed analysis of various important YouTube elements

  • On-Page & Off-Page visibility Analysis

  • Report to improve the performance of your channel

  • and much more...

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    How we work?

    We follow a very scientific approach in our process of requirements gathering and implementation, which is defined below.

    360 Degree Analysis

    We conduct a complete examination of your channel to understand your current AS-IS state.

    Step by Step Blueprint

    Once we understand your AS-IS state we break them down to high level and granular level steps, and create a customized action plan for your channel.

    Deliver Report

    We deliver your audit report with our findings and recommendations to increase views and sales.

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    Read what our clients have to say

    We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

    “SEBLEX is a company that walks the talk. They help us get more views to our videos.… They are one of our closest partners and they are always one step ahead in strategizing a plan to get more sales online with organic traffic.

    Alexis L.


    “I never understood the mechanics of YouTube but after implementing the strategies SEBLEX offered, I have a new found appreciation for how the data gave use more sales. Trust the process... it works.

    Sean P.

    Tasty Cafe

    “SEBLEX slogan is see the possibilities and boy was I amazed by the results. After a few simple tweaks, we got a boost of over 2000 views in 30 days where before we were only averaging about 176 views.

    Lisa S.

    Budget Travels

    Get More Views     

    Get More Sales

    Let's me make your channel a 24/7 cash machine.

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